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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2017-10-02
Deal of the Month: Up to 10% Extra Rakeback at 888 Poker

We are starting this fall with a special private deal at 888 Poker, specially designed to reward players with an exclusive rakeback deal of up to 10% extra rakeback. This deal is available only for top players, who can easily rake above 1.500$/month. In this respect, players who enjoy grinding on 888 have more incentives to make volume while maximizing their cashback on a network which typically uses a poor VIP system for high volume/high stakes grinders.

This is a no brainer for any 888 player that doesn't have to pay so much rake as before. By increasing their rakeback earnings, they can still profit from the fishy games while enjoying earning more cashback. 

Eligible players are those who rake above average, don't already have an account at 888 or can open a new one using a friend's/relative's credentials. Retag is not possible for those who have old 888 accounts so only new accounts are rewarded.

Contact us to receive registration links for this special 888 private deal. 

In order to get in touch easier, please also add us on skype: ID rakeadvisory.

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