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👤RakeAdvisory 🕔2017-06-16
Breaking News: Outstanding New Rakeback Deal at Party & Bwin

Starting today, 16th of June 2017, a month later after Party Poker reviewed and improved its VIP system, that now rewards players with up to 40% rakeback, RakeAdvisory has decided to boost players extra rakeback on top of the already existent monthly rake race with a prize pool of 22.500$. Therefore, players will now earn even more extra rakeback via an exclusive monthly private rake chase available for players at Party Poker and Bwin.

This is really breaking news as never before had anyone the chance to take advantage of such an amazing poker deal. Players who register new poker accounts at Party Poker and Bwin will benefit from this insane offer. Nevertheless, if there are also players who already have old accounts, but inactive for more than 180 days, they may still contact us with their credentials at support@rakeadvisory.com and we will try to retag/retrack their accounts

We know that you are all unpatient and very curious to find out all the details of this no brainer deal, so let's cut the talk and give you the insights of how you can earn really a lot of rakeback at Party and Bwin.

The new Rake Chase, brought to you by RakeAdvisory is rewarding players on a monthly basis, payments being made directly into their poker account, for the previous month standings, according to the leaderboard below:

Rake Amount (USD) Prize
100 - 150 5$
151 - 300 15$
301 - 500 30$
501 - 1000 60$
1000 - 1500 125$
1500+  200$


Rake Example

Total Rake VIP Rakeback Rake Chase Extra Rakeback Total Rakeback Total Rakeback %
100$ 20$ 5$ 25$ 25%
300$ 75$ 15$ 90$ 30%
500$ 125$ 30$ 155$ 31%
1000$ 300$ 60$ 360$ 36%
1200$ 480$ 125$ 605$ 50,5%
1500$ 600$ 200$ 800$ 53.3%


Please keep in mind that players also receive extra rakeback via our monthly 22.500$ Rake Race, but we cannot make an accurate appraisal of those earnings, but we can expect around 5%-15% more rakeback from that race as well.

Therefore, all in all, this is an outstanding deal for both Party and BwinIf you haven't registered yet, sign up now at Party Poker and Bwin!

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